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Ordering Information

Our ordering process starts when you fax or email the quantities and dimensions required in order for us to provide an estimate. This provides a paper trail for the ordering process & is less prone for mistakes to occur. We prefer that you use our forms to submit your request for a quote.

Note: Florida residents will be assessed 7% sales tax.
If you are tax exempt, please fax or email us a completed copy of your current exemption certificate.

Phone:   407-971-6049
Fax:   407-366-3314



When an order is placed, we require a signed estimate AND a minimum payment of 50% of your invoice total or $500, whichever is greater, BEFORE we will proceed to production. A signed estimate is a confirmation of the products or services you are ordering. It list such things as the cost of each item, the details of each item (wood specie, custom size & so on), the method of shipment & other pertinent information to the order. All estimates are faxed and/or emailed to you & require your signature to confirm your order.

Orders WILL NOT go into production without the return of the signed estimate and a completed credit card payment form.

A delay in returning the confirmation will result in a delay of your order. TOP


We accept measurements in fraction or decimal form.

We DO NOT accept measurements in metric.

When providing measurements please be certain to provide the size of the finished product. We are unable to calculate exact size from your opening sizes. TOP


We will be happy to provide an estimate to you before ordering. You may print & fax an order form from our order forms menu. There is a check box on the form for you to enter “Quote Only” or “Order”. Whether you fax or email your information to us be sure to let us know that it is a “Quote Only”.  Quotes take up to 24 hours. Estimates are valid for 15 calendar days.  Please note, a minimum order fee will be applied for Cabinet Door orders less than  20 square feet  OR Dovetail Drawer Box orders less than 5 boxes. TOP


Packaging is an additional charge to the cost of the goods. Price starts at $15 and increases depending on the complexity of packaging & the amount of packaging required to secure the items for shipment. If a pallet is necessary to ship your order, a $50/standard pallet (40″x48″) fee will be added into the packaging charge. If you order requires an oversized/custom pallet, a fee of $100 will be added into the packaging charge. Minimum charge for packaging is $15.00.  The exact cost of packaging will be itemized in your confirmation. TOP


We ship through out the United States and internationally from our facility in Orlando, Florida, USA. UPS or Truck Freight Line (common carrier).

Common Carrier is the method of choice resulting in fewer damages. Large doors, multiple drawer boxes & other bulky items will always ship common carrier.  The carrier is only responsible to move the material to the back of the truck.  It is in your best interest to have products shipped to a business address. All carriers charge a fee for entering a residential neighborhood. Fees range from $65.00 to $125.00. This fee is imposed by the carriers NOT by Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers. The choice of carrier to use is based on our knowledge of delivery to various parts of the US (and beyond).  We will, only if you request, try to use your carrier of choice when possible. TOP


While we make every effort to ensure that your product arrives in the condition it left our facility, it is inevitable that product will be damaged in shipment from time to time.

When you receive your order inspect the package carefully for any signs of damage. If the package appears to be damaged take a moment & open the package in the presence of the driver to see if the product has been harmed.

Before signing a delivery receipt for the freight, be sure you :

  • Check the shipment to be sure you have received all items
  • Insect all cartons carefully for damage
  • Have the driver write notations of any shortages or damages (even if only slight damage) directly on the delivery receipt:  “Damaged Product” or “Subject to Inspection-Possible Damage”.
  • Immediately after delivery (or while driver is still present), open all packages and inspect for concealed damage, or missing items.
  • If damage is found or items are missing, DO NOT destroy any shipping cartons.  Retain damaged items, cartons and inner/outer packing materials in one place for Freight Company inspection.
  • Email or call us for further instructions : or 407-971-6049.

If a shipment is accepted that has visible or concealed damage, or has missing items due to possible shipping company handling error, and no notation was made when the delivery was received, Eagle Bay is not responsible for any cost related for replacement or any damaged and/or missing items.

If any portion of the product needs to be replaced, a new invoice will be created at the same rate as the original items.The customer is responsible for reordering the products needed.  TOP


If more than one package or pallet is shipped, all packages will be marked with information indicating how many packages should be present in the shipment. Marking would be written as  “Box 1 of 3″, “1/3″ or likewise. If one or more  packages does not arrive it may simply be a case of being separated from the other packages during transit. Note with your driver on the bill of lading or other paperwork the number of packages that are missing, then contact us.  We can provide you with the tracking number(s) of the missing package(s). Since all products are billed before they leave our facility & become property of the customer, we require the customer file for refunds or shortages with the carrier; then reorder any parts or pieces they may require. TOP

If your shortage is for one individual piece within an order, and the package arrived unopened, contact our office directly for instructions. If a package is opened, refer to Damages section above. We count all products twice before they leave our facility and handle all shortage claims on an individual basis. It is the clients responsibility to advise us within 48 hours of your order receipt if there are any discrepancies in the shipment. TOP

If any portion of the product needs to be replaced, a new invoice will be created at the same rate as the original items.  The customer is responsible for reordering the products needed & filing a claim for refund with the carrier.  TOP


Our terms are :

We accept payment via: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash & Paypal

For orders less than $500 :  Payment is required in full before we start production.
For orders over $500 :  A 50% down payment of your invoice total or $500 (whichever is greater)  will be required to start production. Any remaining balance is to be paid upon completion of your order AND prior to shipment or pickup.

card payment types accepted

We DO NOT accept personal checks or have any open credit terms.  TOP


All of our products are custom manufactured to meet your needs. We will accommodate changes whenever possible. If the manufacturing process has already started, you will be charged a percentage of the cost of the goods based on how far along the process is. If the product has been completed or has been stained, you will be responsible for the full cost of the goods plus the change order. ALL CHANGE ORDERS MUST BE WRITTEN AND DELIVERED BY FAX OR EMAIL! TOP


Our lead times as a general rule are (days given are working days and exclude weekends and holidays; subject to change):
Thermofoil:  7-14 days
Unfinished:  5-10 days
Standard, Stained or Clear finished items:  7-14 days
Specialty finishes, custom matches, distressing & glazing:  Please call for current lead time. TOP

Lead times are listed on your confirmation to reflect the current speed of our operation at the time your order is placed. If you are preparing to order product between September & January allow for extra lead time. This is our busiest season plus we also have various holidays that we acknowledge & our company closes on the last Friday before Christmas & does not reopen until the first Monday after New Years day.  Extended lead times are not always required during this time but we suggest that you keep this in mind as you schedule your project. TOP


There are NO REFUNDS  for any CUSTOM ITEMS we make.  The vast majority of our items are made to your custom specifications and are not refundable. Custom items are any items that are cut and ordered to your specifications. It is the nature of real hardwood to have a variety of colors and grain textures. Because these variations are the real natural beauty of hardwood, unusual or wild grain patterns and/or color differences will not constitute a reason for replacement. We cannot control color variations which occur naturally in wood, therefore we will not guarantee the uniformity of color. Any items that have been stained or altered are not returnable.  Any damaged items will be replaced or repaired, but the fact they are damaged does not make them returnable.

Some unfinished or raw moldings & other stock items are returnable, you may ask our sales staff when ordering.

Any items returned to stock will carry a 50% or $20.00 restocking fee (whichever is greater) and must be returned at customer cost via freight or delivery.  Items must be acknowledged by office before being returned. TOP


Our cancellation policy is as follows.  Should you need to cancel an order then you would need to call our office and have one of our staff fax you a cancellation notice. This must be signed and faxed or emailed back to us within 24 hours for us to be able process the cancellation.

A percentage of the order will be due at the time of cancellation. This amount will vary for reasons that it will reflect where the job is at in production. TOP


Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers warrants all of its products against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of invoice. The beauty of nature and natural wood does allow for minimal amounts of natural characteristics such as mineral streaks, burls, grain patterns, etc. to be present as appropriate to wood species and grade specified.  We cannot control color variations which occur naturally in wood, therefore we will not guarantee the uniformity of color.

We do not warrant nor do we accept responsibility for any damages resulting from the use or improper installation or modification of our products. This warranty does not cover, among other things, labor, travel, shipping, storage, finishes, Acts of God,  related products used on, with, or in conjunction with our products, or any other incurred cost. We are not liable for, among other things, damages resulting from purchaser or end-user related issues such as normal wear and tear, improper surface preparation, improper storage and/or handling, excessive humidity, marketability, etc. or any other issues that could have been prevented by the purchaser or end-user. No other warranties are written or implied. It is the clients responsibility to advise us within 48 hours of the delivery of your order if there are any discrepancies in the shipment.

Wood expands and contracts with its environment. This may sometimes cause joints to crack open on unfinished wood products. This natural reaction is not considered to be a manufacturer defect and is not covered by warranty. If you anticipate this reaction, it may be minimized by applying a sealer and top coat to the items as soon as they arrive or by storing them in a low humidity, stable environment. It is also highly recommended that all wood products be equally finished on both sides. Wood products finished by anyone other than Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers are not warranted.

Size tolerance on doors and drawers boxes will be +/- 1/16″. A warp or bow, not to exceed 3/16 inch from diagonal corners, shall not be considered a defect. Doors wider than 21 inches and/or longer than 42 inches are not warranted unless manufactured as multi-panel doors. Drawer fronts and slab doors larger than two square feet, are not warranted against warping or bowing.

Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers reserves the right to have defective products returned for our inspection and claim approval. Upon approving a warranty claim, Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers, at our discretion, will repair/replace the defective product or refund the original cost of the product. Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers will expedite production of replacements or repair of defective products as they were originally ordered and ship as soon as possible. Eagle Bay Cabinet Doors & Drawers will not be liable for costs incurred by the customer for return shipping cost for warranty inspection, finishing, installation,  labor to remove or install warranty items. TOP

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